Inspiration Toward Greatness

Although our mental states are closely dependent upon physical health, brief experience is enough to demonstrate the frequent triumph of a cheerful mind over great bodily infirmity; and among mysteries there is none more unaccountable than the power possessed by the human spirit of continuing strong, healthy, and creative in an ailing, crazy and rickety frame. The merriest in a group of people is often he who has the least cause for mirth and greatest excuse for depression of spirit. Gaiety of heart is, of course, often an advantage of natural disposition; but, like most other virtues, it is for average human beings largely a matter of training. (Selected Writings of Thomas Godolphin Rooper, p. 258.)

A well-respected colleague and former graduate school professor of mine, Dr. Cliff Kelly, recently posted this video, and I wanted to share it here. Mr. Wright may not be the best example of a Charlotte Mason educator per se, but his heart for his students creates an atmosphere of trust, admiration, confidence, and superior learning. Watch. And we'll hopefully hear more from Dr. Kelly in future blog posts.

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