Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where I've landed... And what we can do here together.

Welcome to a place I affectionately call The Winding Ascent. As we set our sights on things that are higher than we are -- magnanimity, humility, selflessness -- we are sure to find ourselves stumbling down a difficult road, both slippery and stony. When life throws difficulties at us, we may be tempted to despair, to question life's meaning, to wonder why we're even on this planet, what our purpose really is, how we're ever going to climb back up the mountain once we've fallen into a prickly, rough valley (or been tossed there by others). The answer to that question may be different for each of us, and it may change along life's journey.

 Despite the blows we all take as we struggle through, bleary-eyed and discontent, how do we maintain that childlike wonder we felt when we were young, that intimate connection we had to every bird's voice, to the bark of each tree, the snap of every twig we stepped on as we explored the woods, dreaming of faeries and miniature creatures? The singing of a babbling brook always takes me back to my early explorations of the woods behind our house. Despite a minor setback at around age 5 -- a scratch from a rusty barbed wire fence that landed me in the doctor's office getting a tetanus shot -- I adored those woods. I formed a strong connection to them, a relationship with them. I knew every nook and cranny, every bird and bug, every worm and woodland creature. I connected with the natural world around me and as a result, I felt a kinship with the wondrous Being who created it.

That small patch of woods, now a busy six lane boulevard in Dallas, Texas, is where my heart still sings, where my soul takes flight, where music resounds from within, where the voice of the Creator shouts the loudest. What place or space inspires you the most? Where does your soul take flight? Why? What about it inspires you?

We're creating a space here that we hope will nurture your understanding of yourself, your place within God's creation, and the living ideas you use to lay a sturdy foundation beneath the children in your life so that they, in turn, can live rich, full lives of beauty and magnanimity.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to education, for beauty and virtue within a world that has distorted, torn, and shredded the awe and wonder children naturally see in the world, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and help you begin the journey toward living an inspired life.

Our goal is to breathe fresh vitality into American life and education. We also intend to unite thinkers, writers, naturalists, scientists, artists, composers, and educators and seek funding for future projects that will nourish the lives of America's children.

 Please email us at for further information and to recommend links to the work of others that you believe are nourishing.

Thank you!

(photo courtesy of -- Flagpole Hill is where I spent another large part of my childhood explorations.)

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